Biting of bullets

I have missed a few weeks of Keyboard Armoury, which I am sure has come as only a minor inconvenience to both of you who visit this site. Unfortunately it appears that my contributions to this comic are going to be sporadic for a while, which does make me question whether I continue to pay the hosting fee.

I do have a Smackjeeves account, which could serve just as well as this dedicated site, but it would only be updated with the lazy frequency of this site.

I am, of course, somewhat disappointed to be leaving the comic in this state. I liked the challenge, and I enjoyed trying to push myself and not just keeping the “art” easy. Many comics I see are wed to that three-quarter, side-on angle and that is not something I wanted to happen to what I was doing. I am a big advocate of learning to do something new through practicing and pushing.

However, when reviewing previous strips I do concede that there were some misses. These were regrettable, but still a part of my work from which I can learn.

My disappointment does extend to what I had planned to do with the story, and the individual narratives of all the characters, as well as one character who only appeared in one strip; Jacob the bartender at the Dog an Quill. Considering that the four focal characters (so far) were all striving to obtain a fulfilling job, Jacob was going to be that oasis character who was satisfied with his spot in life.

He was an engineer, but the work in his sector dried up so he decided to go help his wife at her bar. From doing those jobs at the bar, he learned that he simply enjoyed himself and by diminishing his aspirations, he had gained freedom. This would be in direct contrast to the focal four characters who would be continually chasing something.

With KA I did also hope to tell a story without slamming the audiences over the head with the message I was trying to push regarding the hurdles in trying to eke out a living with online content creation, and the power hierarchies that exist and parallel regular white-collar jobs with online content creation. There are established cliques. There are many out there with the same goals. And there are many highly talented folks that will make your work seem infantile in comparison.

I do hope to return to the Keyboard Armoury comic. I liked the project and I liked telling the story. But for now, it might simply become a repository for whatever content I manage to create, as well as other endeavours I try.

Heck, I’ve already paid for the domain and hosting. Might has well get some mileage out of it.